About Me


about me

” I change constantly, I trasforme, is a constant process and when i change every thing around me does the same. “

I was born in the vibrant city of Napoli, since centuries an inspiring place for artists of various disciplines. With its mix of colors, contradictions and astonishing beauty, this city possesses a world class musical tradition, and all this has inevitably influenced me.

Music has always been my passion, therefore after completing my college degree in Cultural Anthropology in Rome, I began with my musical pathway. My formal musical education started in the year 2004 with jazz singing classes.

In 2011 I received a full scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. In this environment I meet teachers and musicians who were fundamental for my musical and personal development. In Berklee I affined my skills in jazz singing, music theory, composition, improvisation and deepened my knowledge in Latin Jazz, particularly in Bossa Nova. 

Voice is my main instrument, only when i sing i can be totally free. I’m a multi instrumentalist, I play piano, classic guitar and various types of percussions, particularly Tammorra (frame drum from south Italy used to play tarantella) and Pandeiro from Brasil.

I’m Aries, raising Leo, with moon in Sagittarius, the fire in me guide my life, with passion, resilience, courage.

I sing to summon this passion with every breath. 

I need to have a propose in life and is been always connected to establish new challenges and make new mistakes, that’s how I grow.  

I change constantly, I trasforme, is a constant process and when i change every thing around me does the same.

My album “ Tutto Cambia ” is the result of the intendment of my real nature as human being and what music really means to me. 

” Tutto Cambia “, in english Every Thing Changes, is the italian version of the famous Mercedes Sosa song  ” Todo Cambia ” from 1984.  ” Tutto Cambia ”  is been my  reality since i’m 20 years old. Every three years I change country, change languages, cultures, ways and customs, new relations. Change is a constant, is a blessing and a curse together but it’s the only way I know to self regenerate. 

I transcend the old and I became new. I make my own rules and I’m about to change again. 

The songs in my album are written in spanish, in portuguese, english and italian, they are the result of the teachings I’ve received in the last years living between Ibiza, Salvador de Bahia and Berlin. 

With Medicine Music (shamanic way to conceive music) I have surrender, I don’t need anymore to show how much I’m worth, how talented I’m. 

After many healing processes, now I sing because I‘m a singer and not because I have to become someone, I’m my self already. I’m more than enough, as I sing in         “ Todo ja está en mi ” the track number 4 of my album. 

I hope you enjoy my music!