On Line Singing Circle

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Join the Ceremony

Participate to the Medicine Singing Circle On Line, from the coziness of your home. Open your Heart  with  the melodies of Medicine Music, give voice to your Spirit: sing and fly with us or  just disconnect your mind,  listen  and meditate. 

Sing Along with us 

You can Download for Free the Medicine Music Songbooks and sing along with us. At the beginning of each song I will give the name of the songbook and pages number where you can find  lyrics and chords.

Download for free the Medicine Songbooks

Voice Activation Workshop

Workshop open to all levels, to every one that feels curiosity and passion about the singing voice. We will navigate deeply in the many possibilities of the human voice, exploring melodies, harmony and rhythm. Is a collective journey to rediscover the power within our voice, within our selfs.

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