Musica Medicina

Musica Medicina

I’ve learned Medicine Music in Ibiza. One night, seven years ago, I entered in a Villa in San Miguel for my first cacao ceremony, I had absolutely no idea of what aspect, I was very skeptic but a friend insisted for me to participate, saying that there would be a lot of fun and music.  So we entered. That night changed the course of my life.

Thank you Thomas Keller, forever alive in my heart. 

Musica Medicina is an ancestral practice from all over the world,  that dates back to the beginnings of humanity. It is directly related to indigenous rituals of healing through medicinal plants, just for mentioning the most well known such us: Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, Rape’, etc.. .

Although we don’t  work with plants, by singing the songs, they maintain their medicinal spirit, the lyrics and the melody it self  work on a deep level, healing and removing internal blockages.

Singing in a group is a way to heal collectively, from the opening of the throat chakra and heart chakra, activating the ascensional energy. It is a practice that, if done with continuity, awakens the kundalini.

The songs are from various traditions: 
Brazilian Santo Daime, Candomble’, Mexican, Peyoteras, Temazcaleras, Amazonian, North American Indigenous, Indian Mantras, contemporary Medicine Songs, etc..

It is not important to “know” the songs to sing them, they are made to be recognized, like archetypes melodies, the heart remembers them,  just trust your higher spirit and let she guide you.

Mi Corazon Canta Canta Canta y quiere recordar.

I look forward to see you in my circle!

Con Amor,


Artwork by: Ryan Blume