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There are so many false myths and limiting thoughts related to singing, such as:

I’m born without the gift, I can’t sing! Singing is only for singers, I’m ashamed of my voice, etc.

This is all wrong, if makes you happy, sing it’s your birthright! You don’t need to have the voice of Freddie Mercury or Whitney Houston to be able to sing.

Sing is a powerful instrument of communication between you subconscious and the outside. Through the singing voice you can channel your joy or transmute the sadness. You can go beyond spoken communication: express the truth that is within your heart.


In the beginning, I will help you set your goals. Everyone is unique, we all have strong points and points to reinforce, for this reason each class is personalized.

The intention of the course is to make you gain confidence and to learn how to use your instrument correctly and express it without fear.

My methodology is the result of the classical Italian technique and contemporary American jazz techniques.

The complete course lasts 3 months with a frequency of 1 time per week or 1 time every 2 weeks (to be agreed).

At the end of the 3-month course, you will know your own tonalities, confort zones, master head and chest voice techniques, breathing, etc… You will have all the skills that will give you the ability to sing freely.

You will also have builded a repertoire of 12 new songs. According to your musical taste and curiosity, you will learn new songs among this styles : Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Bossa nova, MPB, Samba, Mantras, Medicine Music, etc.

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Pro Music

Bachelor Degree in Professional Music at Berklee College of Music, USA 

I can help you with:

Piano for singer accompaniment, Music Theory, Ear Training, Performance, Interpretation, Recording

Piano for Singers

Accompany your self with the piano, learn chords positions and different  rhythmic styles. Piano is the king of the musical instrument, is the most visual way to  learn harmony and compose. 

music theory

Music theory is the fundamental for every person that wants make music for hobby or professionally.

Is about the deep understanding that music is not just aesthetic , is more complex than that, is like math, you need to understand the formula to have fun. 

ear training

Recognize intervals, scales, chords qualities and melodies.

Our ears are amazing, if we train them they can became really accurate. 

As a singer I give a lot of importance to intonation and precision, also in choirs and a cappella groups be in tune and have a sharp ear is essential to  produce beautiful harmonies. 

Private Lessons

1 Single Private
75 per class
  • Session 1h
4 Private Lessons
60 per class / € 240Total
  • Spendable Once a Week

Live Stream C lass Rates

1 Single Online Class
60 per class
  • Via Zoom
  • Session 1h
1 Month Online Classes
50 per class / € 200Total
  • Spendable Once a Week
  • Worldwide

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